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AUGUST 31, 2022ST-100 Repairs the Corneal Nerve Bed in Dry Eye Patients

Stuart’s ST-100, which has demonstrated corneal nerve repair and neuroprotection capabilities in pre-clinical studies, achieved a variety of endpoints in its dry eye disease Phase 2 trial, consistent with a first of its kind nerve reparative approach to the disease, and also addressing all of the DEWS II consequences.

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Dry Eye
JUNE 23, 2022Collagen Mimetic Peptides Promote Adherence and Migration of ARPE-19 Cells While Reducing Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress

Epithelial cells of multiple types produce and interact with the extracellular matrix to maintain structural integrity and promote healthy function within diverse endogenous tissues. Collagen is a critical component of the matrix, and challenges to collagen’s stability in aging, disease,and injury influence survival of adherent epithelial cells…

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APRE Adherence
NOVEMBER 02, 2021Restoring the Extracellular Matrix: A Neuroprotective Role for Collagen Mimetic Peptides in Experimental Glaucoma

Optic neuropathies are a major cause of visual disabilities worldwide, causing irreversible vision loss through the degeneration of retinal ganglion cell (RGC) axons, which comprise…

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