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May 2024Potential Untapped MOAs & Novel Therapies at the Dry Horizons Symposium
May 10, 2024Stuart Therapeutics Retina Disease Opportunities, OIS Retina, May 2024
Dec 12, 2023A Phase 2 Trial to Test Safety and Efficacy of ST-100, a Unique Collagen Mimetic Peptide Ophthalmic Solution for Dry Eye Disease. Robert O. Baratta, Eric Schlumpf, Brian J. Del Buono, Shawn DeLorey, George Ousler, David J. Calkins. Ophthalmology Science, December 2023.

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Targeting Scleral Collagen to Treat Myopia
PolyCol™ The Collagen Mimetic Peptide Therapeutic Platform
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Dec 4, 2023Collagen Mimetic Peptides Promote Repair of MMP-1-Damaged Collagen in the Rodent Sclera and Optic Nerve Head
May 1, 2023Repairing the Corneal Nerve Bed Using Collagen Mimetic Peptides
May 1, 2023Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy of Rat Scleral Remodeling by Collagenase and Reparative Collagen Memetic Peptides
December 2, 2022Targeting the EMC in Neuroprotection: A Unique and Promising Approach
December 2, 2022ST-100 Repairs Corneal Nerve Bed in Dry Eye Patients
Scientific References

Corneal Collagen as a Potential Therapeutic Target in Dry Eye Disease. R.O. Baratta, E. Schlumpf, B.J. DelBuono, S. De Lorey, and D.J. Calkins.  (2021) Survey of Ophthalmology May/June.
DOI: 10.1016/j.survophthal.2021.04.006

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Collagen Mimetic Peptides Promote Corneal Epithelial Cell Regeneration.  R.O. Baratta, B. J. Del Buono, E. Schlumpf,  B.Ceresa, and D.J. Calkins.  Frontiers in Pharmacology 2021 (12) 1-8.

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Efraim Y, Chen FYT, Stashko C, Cheong KN, Gaylord E, McNamara N, Knox SM. Alterations in corneal biomechanics underlie early stages of autoimmune-mediated dry eye disease. J Autoimmun. 2020 Nov;114:102500. doi: 10.1016/j.jaut.2020.102500. Epub 2020 Jun 18. PMID: 32565048; PMCID: PMC8269964.

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AUGUST 31, 2022ST-100 Repairs the Corneal Nerve Bed in Dry Eye Patients

Stuart’s ST-100, which has demonstrated corneal nerve repair and neuroprotection capabilities in pre-clinical studies, achieved a variety of endpoints in its dry eye disease Phase 2 trial, consistent with a first of its kind nerve reparative approach to the disease, and also addressing all of the DEWS II consequences.

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Dry Eye
JUNE 23, 2022Collagen Mimetic Peptides Promote Adherence and Migration of ARPE-19 Cells While Reducing Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress

Epithelial cells of multiple types produce and interact with the extracellular matrix to maintain structural integrity and promote healthy function within diverse endogenous tissues. Collagen is a critical component of the matrix, and challenges to collagen’s stability in aging, disease,and injury influence survival of adherent epithelial cells…

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APRE Adherence
NOVEMBER 02, 2021Restoring the Extracellular Matrix: A Neuroprotective Role for Collagen Mimetic Peptides in Experimental Glaucoma

Optic neuropathies are a major cause of visual disabilities worldwide, causing irreversible vision loss through the degeneration of retinal ganglion cell (RGC) axons, which comprise…

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Industry Era 10 Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021
OCTOBER 03, 2021Industry Era 10 Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021 Honoring Eric Schlumpf

Eric Schlumpf, President & CEO of Stuart Therapeutics, has extensive experience leading early-stage companies in various industries.

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AUGUST 11, 2021Discovering the Therapeutic Power of Collagen with Eric Schlumpf

Eric Schlumpf, president and CEO of Stuart Therapeutics, took a winding path to launch his South Florida-based eye-care company. Along the way, he met academic researchers…

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Discovering the Therapeutics Power of Collagen
AUGUST 16, 2021Collagen Mimetic Peptides Promote Corneal Epithelial Cell Regeneration

The cornea of the eye is at risk for injury through constant exposure to the extraocular environment. A highly collagenous structure, the cornea contains several different types distributed across multiple layers. The anterior-most layer contains…

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