newsStuart Therapeutics Announces Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with Glaukos Corporation

October 18, 2023

STUART, Fla.Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stuart Therapeutics, Inc. (“Stuart“) today announced that it has entered into a license agreement with Glaukos Corporation (“Glaukos”) under which it has granted Glaukos exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize Stuart’s proprietary ST-113 drug candidate for neuroprotection in glaucoma.  ST-113 is a patented pre-clinical asset that has demonstrated the ability to provide neuroprotection and neuro-repair of optic nerve axons in animal testing and represents one of the leading candidates for a therapeutic approach to glaucoma that is independent of control of intraocular pressure, and that may provide a solution to normal tension glaucoma.

Under the agreement, Stuart will receive an upfront payment, and is eligible for additional development and sales related milestone payments, plus royalties.  Glaukos will assume all costs for development of ST-113. Stuart was advised in this transaction by Frontcourt Group.

“We are thrilled to have joined forces with Glaukos to develop the first neuroprotective therapeutic targeting the extracellular matrix, which based on our research plays an important role in glaucoma.  We wanted to partner with a leader in glaucoma therapeutics to bring this innovative drug candidate to the millions of glaucoma patients across the world, and Glaukos has delivered in this important disease area.  They bring critical focus on novel therapies, capabilities in drug product design and delivery, and commercial strength worldwide.  Stuart Therapeutics is proud to work with Glaukos on this important program,” said Eric Schlumpf, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stuart.

About ST-113
ST-113 is being investigated as a treatment for open angle glaucoma, including normal tension glaucoma. ST-113 is a synthesized collagen mimetic peptide, which selectively restores damaged helical collagen in the extracellular matrix.  Based on Stuart’s preclinical research results, ST-113 is believed to restore both the structural and cell signaling roles of collagen in the optic nerve region, reducing inflammation, and restoring nerve health.  Stuart has been actively developing ST-113 for glaucoma, including the development of novel endpoints suitable for a neuroprotective approach to the disease.

About Glaucoma
Glaucoma is characterized by loss of vision due to progressive damage to retinal ganglion cell axons.  Glaucomatous visual field loss progresses from the peripheral vision towards the center as the disease progresses, and one of its earliest manifestations is loss of transport of visual field information to the brain.  Current glaucoma therapeutic management is limited to intraocular pressure lowering drops. These therapies are inconvenient, irritating, and are frequently used as a combination of multiple topical drops to achieve the desired effect.  In addition, as much as one-third of glaucoma patients are “normal tension” patients, meaning that their intraocular pressure is normal, or low, but their visual field loss still progresses.  Glaucoma affects over 70 million individuals worldwide.

About Stuart Therapeutics
Stuart Therapeutics, founded in 2017 and based in Stuart, Florida, is the leader in the development of ECM-targeting therapeutics for disease treatment. Its platform technology, PolyCol™, is a portfolio of synthesized collagen mimetic peptides designed to specifically bind to and repair disease- or injury-damaged helical collagen structures.  This activity results in both a repair of collagen structures and a restoration of homeostatic cell signaling, with positive effects on cell growth and proliferation and reduction in inflammation. These effects occur rapidly in treated tissues, as demonstrated by the results of extensive research conducted by Stuart Therapeutics in a variety of anterior and posterior segment ophthalmic disease indications.   For more information, visit